US Navy Vets ~ War Boss /Calendar

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War Boss

Level 16 War Clan
Placeholder Picture "Ok.- BOSS you were right....?!"

~ Duty Section ~

1. Firehead
2. jdfville
3. SuperMario
4. Senior Chief
5. Sam
6. SeaBee!

~ Stand-by Section ~ 

     Sir Clash

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* Current rotation - standbys not included on calendar below War Boss Calendar

⚓️ War search will be conducted between 2100-2130 hours Eastern Standard Time on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings until further notice. War Boss' are responsible to post a clan mail notice of their upcoming war search 4-12 hours in advance so warriors can mark their status prior to the active search. Our current strategy is to take only balanced war bases to WAR! This will help level the playing field with our opponents. We are a WAR clan and the objective is 3 star attacks. All attacks less than 3 star attempts must have WB or Co-leaders approval. NEVER enter into a battle that you do not intend to get 3 stars without prior advice from a co-leader. Plan for success - as there are no other reasonable strategy!

⚓️ War Boss’ if for any reason you can not make muster on your duty day…you are still responsible to arrange a qualified standby, or contact SeaCow with advance notice. Emergencies and/or proper communications are the only exceptions to above - we are a team and share loyality as such. Students must arrange to have student exemption to be placed in student standby status. War boss’ are not expectedto be on line 24/7; however, they must pick a war party, conduct search and post POA for war . All clan co-leaders should assist as need arises while online. Read our clan policy when in doubt of WB procedures.

⚓️ Co-leaders are required to be active War Bosses - failure to do so will result in a voluntary reduction in rank to Elder status.
"US Navy Veterans is a CoC war clan dedicated to teamwork and loyalty"