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Level 16 War Clan

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Our leadership sets reasonable expectations with a clear set of clan rules which is an excellent way for NV2 members to collectively be on the same page. Every rule has been voted upon by our Co-Leaders and Plankowners. Please notice that there are two sets of rules - Major and Minor. Violate any Major rule and you will be immediately kicked. Violate any Minor rule and you will receive a warning from a Co-Leader or Plankowner. After you have been warned, if you violate again, you will be kicked with no re-entry. Reading and acknowledgement of our rules by all hands is mandatory. New members must read and acknowledge that they concur with our clan rules via email to:
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Major Rules:
1. You must follow the Clan War Strategy listed on our website! War Boss’ are in charge during battlefield engagement - no exceptions - ONLY our leader can over rule a WB..
2. Co-leaders may kick any member, new or old!  No other members may kick anyone, for any reason.
3. No violation of Supercell's Terms of Service will be tolerated! This also means NO MODS OR BOTS!
4. Embarrassing or demeaning the clan or any of our members will NOT be tolerated.
5. Loyalty is a must!

Minor Rules:
1. No rushed Bases! If you were accepted with any rushed aspects including Troops and/or Walls - you must upgrade those aspects as soon as possible and before upgrading any other aspects of your base. You will be allowed to War but priority will be given at the discretion of War Boss, or co-leader conducting the current war search.

2. Only current War Boss (or Co-leader) can start a War search! Clan wars will be scheduled to begin search on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday at approximately 2100-2130 hours Eastern Standard Time, USA. In the unlikely event a WB is late for duty for whatever reason any co-leader may conduct war search as appropriate…all searches should roll no later than 2145 hours.

3. US Navy Veterans and/or Active Duty Navy ONLY! Other US Veterans must have approval of Leader. Only mature Clashers will be included in NV2. Family members can be accepted and are the responsibility of sponsors. It is preferred that priority be given to current members of NV, NV3 or NV4 clans respectively.

4. Be respectful to everyone! No cursing, spamming, or vulgar comments will be tolerated. We expect everyone to handle themselves with class and treat everyone with the utmost respect. Your attitude is everything here! No drama, or childish behavior.

5. You MUST follow the directions given by our leaders. All Co-Leaders have earned their positions in NV2.

6. Donate only what is requested! There is no default. If you don't have what is requested, simply do not Donate. If someone asks for MAX level troop and you do not have with our perk level (upgrade 2), DO NOT donate! Remember our troops go up 2 levels when donated. Keep this in mind when donating.

7. Please note that if someone asks for "Defense" - this means no Hogs, Giants, Healers, Goblins, or Wall Breakers unless specified in request. Don't forget to donate Spells!  

8. If you have your profile set to "I'M IN" for War you must use both attacks, and both must be used in accordance to our POA. You must always attack within the specified times listed in our War Strategy unless otherwise directed by war boss!

9. Go all out for War! We War on the same set schedule every week, without fail; however, please wait to see their designated target’s final layout before determining air or ground attack and subsequently building your best attack army. The goal is for the bottom half to get their first attack in the first evening to help the WB in planning 2nd POA. Planning is an IMPORTANT skill and should be given reasonable consideration..

10. You must donate! If you are online and you see a request for troops, donate. We ask that if you are th9 or above that you try to donate more than you receive by the end of each cycle. Don't be an Oscar, donate. After all, you gain eXPperience points by donating and your clan benefit as well.

11. We don’t expect lower levels from TH8 and down to have more donations than receipts since they can't always make max level troops as requested with perks . That said donations are a sure way to promote friendships and show leadership. Numerous large inbalances nearing end of cycle is placing yourself in high water.  Treading water can be hazardous - there is scuttlebutt that some have even walked the plank.

12. If you are NOT asked to help donate to our base War CC's, (War Castles) do not do so! Our War Boss will ask you to donate if you have the proper troops. This requires sufficient understanding of our War Strategy. Only those who make proper WC requests will get what they request in their War Clan Castles (WC’S). Everyone else will receive what our co-leaders/WB deems best. Don’t be offended if WB controls these WC donations.

"US Navy Veterans is a CoC war clan dedicated to teamwork and loyalty"