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Level 16 War Clan

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Entry Policy
- All military welcome - must state rate, rank and dates of service or individual(s) will not be accepted. Be Active - Be Friendly - No Cussing and use both attacks during clan warfare. Donate when you can to help your shipmates. Only warrior's willing to actively engage the enemy on the battlefield with a selfless dedication to teamwork are welcome to join the finest clan in CoC.

Warriors - simply put they are our future leadership and strength. Member warriors - who are war eligible can be promoted to Elder rank after successfully aquiring three (3) stars and participating in three (3) wars. Members frequently donate troops to other members to raid and practice. Members must strive to become Elders to secure position in our clan. Remember we are a war clan.

Elder's - provide oreintation and assistance for new members that join the clan. All elders should be striving to become co-leaders and positions of increased responsibility...i.e. war boss. They mainly focus on mastering troops and base layouts. Provide assistance to member warriors by mentorship on and off the battlefield. Elder status is fully vested in the clan and not at risk without serious infraction of rules. They have priority over member level warriors for being selectedfor wars. Elder's are battlefield proven warriors that hold permenant crew status.

Co-Leader's - are the BACKBONE (Chief's) of our clan and serve as War Boss with unlimited power to engage in clan warfare. Co's are responsible for training of lower levels in tactical warfare skills and base configuration. They charged with the additional responsibility of assisting in targeting the enemy in the absence of the duly appointed war boss. They are strongly encouraged to seek clearance for any personal targets from other co's or the war boss as appropiate. All co-leaders will rotate fairly as order by the clan leader in duties as War Boss. No job is to big or to small for Co-leaders. Warriors who do not step up and serve as war boss can not be permanently assigned as co-leaders. Fair but flexible rotation is strongly recommended for maintaining co-leader status. Co-leaders should/can make command decisions in absent of war boss - they can not be expected to stay online 24/7…best judgment while engaged in battle should prevail.

War Boss - is just - WAR BOSS - they are in charge of warfare as assigned by leader. Primary clan focus is WAR! During wars the War Boss may utilizes any co-leader to ensure quality leadership and total destruction of enemy clans. Co's are strongly encourage to support the war effort whether actively in war or raiding. Failure to serve fairly as war boss may be reason for consideration for reduction in rank by Plankowners and/or clan Leader.

We run from no challenge!

Leader - runs the clan based upon policy put in place by plankowner’s. He/she determines the war status of clan and warfare status of our warriors. Leader has leadership responsibility over day to day business and keeps plankowner's informed of any administrative action taken which might encroach upon the entegerty of the clan. The Leader and Plankowners have blanket authority to "kick" any member not acting in the best interest of the clan. Leader also decides if it is appropriate to extend time warriors sit out for missed/no shows beyond the norm...i.e. 2 wars vice 1 for missed attack. All accounts of warriors missing attacks and/or no-shows will be sit out for authorized period according to the rules set by plankowners. Leaders authority is on going and not all inclusive as written here. Only the leader and/or founder can make warrior promotions or make a re-enstatement of previous rank....clan hopping has its down side....just ensure that you are in good standing with the leader!!

Plankowner's - make major clan decisions and/rules...i.e....firing of a leader for cause or modifying rules which evolve major or contested matters. They decide all major policy changes. Plankowners meet monthly to evaluate clan policy and determine who will take the helm/command of the clan based upon service beyond the call of duty while displaying uncommon leadership both on and off the battlefield. Only a co-leader can be honored as clan Leader for outstanding performance. Leader rotation is not required but is only given to recognized outstanding service to the clan. Leadership is given back to the clan founder/plankowner SeaCow upon completion of recognition period specified.

"People and family matter - we leave no warriors behind on the battlefield"